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Choosing your Real Estate Agent

Find the perfect Agent for you and your family can be overwhelming. Here’s our tips to ease the pressure:

  1. First important point – its a good idea to meet with 2-3 agents. Take your time to “interview” each agent, have a set of questions, ask your questions to each agent and assess their answers
  2. Ensure the agent can demonstrate a real ability to listen and become truly confident that they will follow your instructions
  3. Your agent needs to be your trusted advisor. Do you believe what they are telling you? More important than fancy brochures, is how confident do you feel that the advice you are hearing is logical, realistic, believable and importantly achievable
  4. Be forewarned and wise to the practice of “over pricing” your property to get a listing. This is illegal and may result in your property languishing on the market for months or years.
    The market place is not stupid, if your property is overpriced, it is unlikely to sell! Having said that, its perfectly fine to aim high with price expectations but presenting a price to the market that is overly bullish has risks
  5. Real estate is not meant to be a “blood sport”. I see every reason why we need to approach the process of selling your property on the basis of achieving a win win through modern systems, respectful conversations and negotiations. Our aim is very much geared towards having very pleased vendor and purchaser. This is quite possible and is our personal bench mark
  6. The nitty gritty; Ensure your agent has the capacity to complete the sale. In every property sale, there are pages of government/council searches and documentation that need to be completed accurately and on time. This is a a specialist field and a time to work with the best at this work. We have a number of trusted and respected contacts that we will provide to you to ensure that the sale completes perfectly and on time