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How We Sell

There will never be any clever marketing ‘tricks’ when selling with Inwood Real Estate.

We detail your property pricing as the facts are presented. You will be respected with a conversation around options on how best to take your property to the market using modern marketing and bidding options.

At Inwood Real Estate, we’re not a “real estate pest” – we have better things to do than to be on your door step pushing for your listing. Instead, we prefer an honest conversation with you at a time and place that suits you

Your trust in us means a great deal and as such, you will have the full focus of our skills, experience and negotiating capacities. As a true small local business, our business will not seek dozens of listings, rather to work with a small number of clients to do the job properly, ensuring we are dedicated to your cause.

What makes a great Real Estate Agent?

Real estate isn’t rocket science, it’s about doing the fundamentals well, and doing them consistently.

It’s about a set of personal capabilities allowing an agent to facilitate fantastic sales results.

So what are the key fundamentals of being a Realtor?

How many times have you heard “my agent won’t return my calls”?

Irrespective of whether you are a buyer, seller, looking for an appraisal or just wanting to ask some general real estate questions – why would any agent not be keen to respond to you in minutes? Its just manners and good business – it’s also called “customer service”.

Inwood Real Estate is a 7 day a week business. Richard will, as far as reasonable, respond immediately and if not immediate to ALL enquiries, certainly within 24 hours – guaranteed!

The capacity to negotiate is critical for a successful financial outcome from the sale of your property. This is not the time for a ‘lightweight-negotiator’ or an agent looking to bank quick commissions. A poor or lazy negotiation will cost a property owner tens of thousands of dollars.

Negotiation is a skill, and takes experience earned over life and through business experience. Just having a real estate license is not a ticket to negotiation success. A good negotiator requires the abilities to build rapport, trust and respect. Authenticity and appreciation for both sides is necessary.

Each property is different and so is every buyer. The ability to discern from each prospective purchaser what matters to them about the property, and then emphasise these elements as part of the negotiation is important.

The initial property appraisal is critical to the eventual sale price. Too often we see properties that have been priced well over the likely market price with the result being a property sitting in the market place for potentially many months and years.

Agents then finally come back to owner with a set of excuses about the market and a need to drop the price.

In the meantime, the owner is over the experience, frustrated, disappointed and will now feel annoyed at having to reward a poor valuation in the first place by dropping the price.

It’s useful to aim towards the top end of an accurate appraisal and negotiate from there, but being unrealistic is disrespectful to the owner, time wasting and unprofessional.

An agent who has lived life, experienced a range of businesses, been involved with high level negotiations across many work places is best placed to negotiate on your behalf.

Inwood Real Estate has a principal who has real world experience negotiating with business owners, business boards, community leaders, suppliers and investors. In a previous business Richard was part owner of Tindo Solar and negotiated with the Prime Minister’s office to arrange the opening of the business (1, 2) and has received formal training in negotiations (Creating and Claiming Value in Negotiations – Ann Verbeek, 2018).

Most importantly, Richard has had diversity in his career that provides the sets of broad experiences needed to enhance a negotiation (CSIRO, retail businesses, manufacturing and environmentally focused business). Richard has personally started three businesses and managed several others.

Negotiation and success are highly linked. Richard has over thirty years of deal making, where parties have been successfully brought together to achieve a pleasing outcome.

Inwood Real Estate commits to negotiate with focus and skill until there is an acceptable result within a reasonable time frame. Having a pleased seller and an excited purchaser is the aim. A good negotiation does allow for a win win!

What does an agent need to do to earn a fee and how much should this be?

  • Being available – Inwood Real Estate is a business that prides itself on being available 7 days a week. A good agent needs to be readily available because enquires on a property can and are made at all times of the week. If the phone is not picked up, that enquiry on your property may become focused elsewhere and a potential deal on your property is missed
  • Researching the market – every property has strengths and weaknesses and having the ability to provide an accurate market appraisal that is defend-able and applicable is critically important
  • Document preparation – preparing an appraisal takes time if its going to mean something, the listing and sale documentation is significant and does take time to get it right. Listing the property may require pictures, floor plans, researching the title status of the property, boundary delineation a number of visits to get things right much more.

When you choose Inwood Real Estate you will receive personal service from one person and one person only (Richard Inwood). When you need anything and make a call, you will be talking with Richard – as a prospective purchaser, Richard is the only person you will deal with.

So what’s in our Marketing Toolkit?

Your property deserves to be promoted. Inwood Real Estate will utilise all the traditional options, plus a few extra that extend awareness of your property or home:

  • Internet Listings (
  • Property Signage
  • Local & State Media Outlets
  • Local Social Media Platforms
  • Inwood Real Estate Website
  • Local Property Guide Listing
  • eBay & Gumtree Selling Platforms