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Facts are powerful! You may be considering the sale of your home or property in the next few months and there are a number of important elements to this action;

  1. selecting an agent – working with an agent you feel will listen, work for you, be available and truly locally aware of property values and provide you with regular accurate communication is critical to making the sale process simple and stress free. My advice is to meet with 2-3 agents and ask the questions that matter to you
  2. Be aware of any agent who suggests an unrealistic potential sale price – I will always respect your intellect by providing an evidenced based market appraisal that I believe is achievable. Its completely fine to aim high, but being unrealistic is problematic
  3. Costs – it’s important to know what the main costs are to list your property (a) I am a big believer in the importance of investing in the internet listing platforms, (b) I believe that a large expensive “For Sale Sign” is more about marketing the agency than your property. You may need a modest sign to identify the property, but the internet is where the majority of enquiries will come. The only variance to this may be if your property is on a main road, in which case, passing traffic may assist in the marketing of your property
  4. Agent’s fee – this is a simple question to be asked of each agent and I suspect that most agents will have a similar professional fee

Inwood Real Estate exists to inform and assist you and your family through an incredibly important activity – the sale of your property. I know words are cheap, and so I invite you to meet with me to chat, have a coffee and work together to make the sale process one that is pleasing and achieved in a timely fashion. I will happily provided you with my considered opinion of your property’s potential market value and detail for you how Inwood Real Estate will provide you with a pleasing sales outcome.